Shipping & Return Policies


Delivery is via courier and cannot be to a Post Office Box. All deliveries are sent with registered couriers who on most occasions need to obtain a signature at the time of delivery. Under some special circumstances, with the client’s approval, items can be left in a nominated location at the place of delivery. *Please also note that for security reasons, the shipping address cannot be changed once item(s) has been shipped unless you make contact with us directly.

Items can only be delivered to clients doorstep, the delivery service does not allow for products to be taken inside, unpacked or packaging taken away. Ask about specialized delivery options, as well as check for options on checkout.

All claims for units damaged in transit or short delivered must be received within 48' hrs of receiving delivery, we understand that you may sign for unit not knowing that inside the box it may be damaged, we need you to check this as soon as the fridge is received because for us to lodge a claim with our courier we only have a small window of opportunity.

Like most retailers that provide delivery services, an E-Marketplace website like ours can only guarantee the delivery of items to the shipping address as specified by our customers. It is the responsibility of the customers to evaluate and decide if their shipping address is suitable for the product to be delivered via courier, with regards to flights of stairs, steep driveways and busy metro areas, consideration for courier is needed. We will not cover any extra costs incurred for these deliveries if no prior arrangements are made by the client. If you require units to be taken up or down flights of stairs or taken inside your premises you must arrange prior and pay the extra costs involved, if any are required.

Note: We currently ship within Australia only and have a 'sister' branch in NZ (Wellington), all other locations require clients to deal with their OWN countries 'Shipping Agents' to arrange delivery. We do not cover warranty outside of Australia or NZ but provide parts with no problems at no charge within the warranty period.

Bar Fridges Australia will not be held responsible for any item reported missing once the item has been successfully delivered to the specified shipping address, even if the client has authorized delivery while away from premises.

To assist us with processing your order, please provide your landline number as well as a mobile number.

* Deliveries will ship from one of our warehouses within 48 hrs of receiving funds, sometimes these deliveries then go to a bulk depot where they are then on forwarded to our group of carriers. So it can be 7-10 days before it makes it onto a truck for actual delivery. We understand this timing is not ideal but we are now using 3 of the best and safest delivery methods that we have been able to find since starting in 1996. It is more about quality service and getting units delivered safe (no breakage) that we focus on.

For delivery to major States, Territory cities and their surrounding areas, please allow 6-8 working days from the date of clearance of payment. For delivery to more remote or rural areas, please allow a further 4-5 days. Most deliveries are 4-6 days.

If there is going to be a delay for any reason we will contact you by email or telephone. We will send you consignment Note details once unit is shipped along with the contact number to ring the carrier if needed, this is email only service.

*Areas we may need to quote delivery on when you buy through 3rd party website (someone else) are following. 2898 2899 4415 4416 4417 4423 4424 4425 4426 4427 4428 4455 4461 4462 4465 4467 4468 4470 4471 4472 4478 4488 4489 44904741 4739 4738 4737 4825 4824 4823 4822 4821 4733 4732 4731 4730 4728 4727 4726 4725 4724 4723 4722 4721 4720 4719 4718 4717 4716 4715 4714 4713 4712 4711 4710 4709 4707 4706 4705 4704 4703 4702 4699 4697 4695 4694 4680 4678 4677 4676 4742 4805 4804 4803 4802 4801 4800 4799 4798 4757 4756 4754 4753 4751 4750 4746 4745 4744 4743 4888 4887 4886 4885 4884 4883 4882 4881 4880 4879 4877 4873 4872 4830 4871 4874 4875 4876 4890 4891 4895 4868 4865 4861 4860 4859 4858 4857 4856 4855 4854 4852 4850 4849 4820 4819 4816 4811 4809 4808 4807 4806 4829 4828 4581 4736 4492 4493 4735 4491 4480 4482 4481 4454 4474 4475 4477 4479 5220 5221 5222 5223 5733 5690 6725 6754 6753 6751 6743 6733 6728 6727 6722 6721 6720 6718 6716 6714 6713 6712 6711 6710 6707 6705 6701 6646 6642 6640 6639 6638 6635 6632 6631 6537 6536 6535 6452 6450 6448 6447 6446 6443 6442 6440 6438 6437 6436 6434 6356 6348 6346 6338 6337 6336 6799 6798 6770 6765 6762 6760 6758 6740 6726 6727 6731 6799 6798 6789 0841 841 0845 845 0846 846 0847 847 0850 850 0851 851 0853 853 0854 854 0860 860 0861 861 0862 862 0881 881 840 0840 838 0838 837 0837 836 0836 835 0835 871 0871 870 0870 886 0886 885 0885 872 0872 852 0852 7255 7256 7257 0880 0822 4878 4870 4869


1. The Customer Service must authorize all returns or exchanges. E-mail
2. All claims for credit must be placed within 14 Days of receipt of merchandise. Our unique return policy means that if the client has made the wrong decision in regard to size, noise, suitability or aesthetics they can receive a refund on the purchase price (less return freight and a re-stocking fee of 10% if goods are in original packaging). If goods have been unboxed and are otherwise as new a restocking fee of 20% plus return freight will be incurred. An error will only cost you a portion of the purchase, most companies offer no return or refund.
3. All claims for units damaged in transit or short delivered must be received within 24 Hrs of receiving delivery, we understand that you may sign for unit not knowing that inside the box it may be damaged, we need you to check this as soon as the fridge is received because for us to lodge a claim with our courier we only have a small window of opportunity.
4. All returned merchandise must be received by Bar Fridges Australia in saleable condition unless the merchandise is found to be defective from new, or we have arranged to pick it up for reasons like wrong item, 14-day return policy enforcement or damaged already. We will always make return an easy process but we need clients to help in ensuring they follow the special return requirements.
5. You as the consumer have a duty of care for the product whilst it is in your possession. If products are damaged by you and subsequently returned, a charge will be made to repair the product to it's original condition. please be aware there where repair is not economically viable no refund will be made.

1. The shipping cost of any returns or exchanges remain the responsibility of the customer unless the merchandise is being returned because the order was incorrectly filled by us or the merchandise is defective or damaged.
2. Return shipments must be authorised by sending an email to : The address for return is 'Bar Fridges Australia, 40 Production Drive Alfredton, Vic, 3350.
3. Indicate either refund or exchange within the returned package and attach a copy of the purchase invoice and or as much info of purchase as possible.

1. Any refund or credit for exchange will be based on the value of the merchandise at the time of purchase. Shipping and Handling fees are not subject to refund unless the merchandise is defective, damaged in transit or we shipped an incorrect item.
2. The internal paperwork for credit/exchange is normally completed within 5 to 7 business days of receipt of merchandise.
3. All refunds are applied to the individual customer account or method of payment unless otherwise specified and agreed.
4. Any form of reimbursement is consistent with the original method of payment; we will need credit card, Paypal or bank information again as that is not kept in our data base.
5. In the case where a client wants to return the unit (not suitable or not wanted) under our 14 day policy, and it is agreed by Bar Fridges Australia to do so, the client must cover costs of return as well as the initial delivery charge and the applicable re-stocking fee, these charges will be deducted from original purchase price of the item.
6. In the event of a unit failing within the warranty period, Bar Fridges Australia has the choice to refund/replace or repair, totally at Bar Fridges Australia's discretion. It is usually always the best alternative to suit the client.


It is a requirement that all of the packaging that arrives with your replacement unit is re-used for the item being returned. Please ensure that the original unit is emptied, dried and cleaned thoroughly prior to collection.

When your replacement unit arrives please follow each of the steps below precisely.

*All units with packaging that has straps, ease the straps off without breaking so they can be re used when faulty/damaged unit is placed back in the box.
*Do not remove or cut any of the packing tape on the outside of the carton, most lift off and can be placed back on.
*Do not write on, or mark the boxes in any way.
*Some larger fridges cardboard boxes require 2 people to lift off.


* Remove the thin plastic bag from the fridge to re-use on the unit you intend to return. Remove the new manual, keys, and spare parts – and place them inside the unit that you are going to return unless it is different model to original.

*Re-pack the unit you intend to return in reverse. Use a small amount of sticky-tape over the original tape at each corner to secure the foam in place. Place the foam lid back on top of the unit and then replace the cardboard lid. Place the packing straps back over the lid. Tip - ensure that each strap is close to the sides at the bottom of the box, and then with steady but firm pressure, slide each strap back over the top of the box.

Call us as soon as this task is done (1300 FROTHY). We will immediately arrange for a courier to collect the unit. You will be advised in a follow-up phone call or email of the likely time that the collection will occur. In most instances the unit will be collected within 24 hours.

Please note that it is your responsibility to have the unit available in a position that the courier can easily access with regards to stairs, lifts, gravel driveways, low clearances etc. Our selected courier will use a hand trolley (and a tail-gated truck if needed) – however they require clear, level, safe access from your premises to and from their vehicle. The onus is on you to arrange for your own professional removalists should a courier be presented with poor site access and inadequate help with lifting if not provided. Please ensure that any potential problems are discussed with our staff prior to a courier being booked otherwise you will be liable for the costs incurred.

Thanks kindly in advance for your complete co-operation to ensure a smooth exchange of units.

Bar Fridges Australia are always fair and reasonable in all dealing with every client, please contact us anytime if you are not happy at all with the service received.