Packaging & Sustainability Information

Learn all about Bar Fridges Australia's commitment to reducing waste land fill with packaging and protocols to improve systems in place to help consumers dispose of this packaging in the most effective and environmentally friendly way.

As a member of APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) we have a duty to do all we can along with a team of dedicated APCO members and staff to assist us in moving forward at every opportunity.


1. Review all NEW and CURRENT product packaging to find ways to improve the recyclable content.
2. Look at ways to transit from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) to cardboard, our target of 40% of current polystyrene to be replaced by cardboard by end of 2022 was met, and 2023 we made it to 50%, the new target for 2024 is 75%.
3. Add 'On Pack' labeling to explain to consumer what can be recycled using ARL guidelines. This helps consumer know how to dispose of the package
4. Take control of all our OWN waste in an environmentally friendly way, using EPS recycle plants in Melbourne and local SITA weekly pickups for cardboard waste. We also recycle all paper, plastic wrap and printer cartridges
5. Talking all o'seas suppliers about ways to improve the sustainability of the packaging currently used.
6. Put steps in place to make commitment to reach the 2025 National Packaging Targets

OUR GOALS FOR 2024 include

Currently our packaging consists of Cardboard, Paper, Plastic Bag, Plastic Strap and EPS foam.
*As you can below only the Cardboard and paper become suitable for kerbside pickup.
Cardboard - RECYCLABLE - Use your normal recycle bin collection
Paper - RECYCLABLE - Use your normal recycle bin collection
Plastic Bag - Not RECYCLABLE
Plastic Strapping - Not RECYCLABLE
EPS (Foam Packaging) - RECYCLABLE only through certain recycle plants, see locations through Planet Arc