• Model: SK-BR9C


Unit has stopped cooling or is not cooling enough?

1. Check ventilation around the fridge. Minimum clearance is 20mm on top and sides, with 100mm at the rear. 

2. The unit cannot have another ‘door’ in front of the fridge door, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty.

3. The unit must be 100% away from sunlight and out of the weather, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty.

4. Check compressor definitely comes ON

5. Check inner fan is going and that there is NO ice buildup on the inner rear wall

6. Check if you can feel a slight breeze coming out of grill at the front when the compressor is on.

7. Check the temperature the fridge is set on.  If the fridge is set on 2°c it will cycle between 2°c - 6°c and keep your milk at 4°c.

I have ice building up on my inner rear wall?

1. One or both inner fans have stopped working, check correct operation of inner fans. 

2. A door has been left open or ajar, please defrost fridge by turning the fridge off for minimum 12 hours. Adjust the units' front feet up slightly to help with door closing.  

My controller display is fluctuating up and down?


Led Controller: The LED display cycles up and down; this is normal operation. Fridges 'cycle' on and off to help protect the compressor, defrost ice and keep temperatures stable. Our units have a 'variance' of 4°C in their cycle, i.e. if you SET your fridge at 2°C, the compressor will cool to 2°C, and then shut down. The unit will cycle back ON at 6°C, as the air in the fridge naturally warms when the compressor is not operating. During this cycle, drinks temperature will be unaffected, as fluid temperature rises much slower than air temperature. A setting of 2°C will generally keep drinks at 3-4°C.

Defrost cycle: There is a defrost cycle programmed into the unit to remove ice from the evaporator, which is governed by the run/stop time of the compressor. Our units have a 6-hour total run time followed by a 20-minute Defrost cycle. During this operation 'dEF' will be displayed and evaporator temperatures may reach around 10-12°C, this will NOT affect the temperature of your drinks. Defrost is a very important part of the fridge operation.

Ice Up: If unstable display and temperature fluctuations are apparent, please check the INNER rear wall of the unit to see if there is any buildup of ICE. If ice has formed, turn the fridge off for at least 6 hours to defrost and then restart, if this problem persists, please contact us by filling in the form at the link below.


Unit not cooling enough?


If unit still 'cools' but isn't quite getting to the SET temperature, try to check the following items.

Check inner fan is operating. If this fan isn't working, it will cause unit to ice up and airflow will be impeded, which can cause the unit to run at 10°C or more.

Check there is no ice buildup of rear wall just under the inner fan area. This could be caused by a faulty fan, or possible incorrect settings on the controller. Some areas may need longer defrost time than others to disperse any ice buildup effectively (higher humidity can cause more ice to form). Try turning off the fridge for at least 6 hours and then restarting, if ice forms again, please contact us.

Check for ice or excess buildup of water in the Fridges rear compartment around the piping on the compressor. This can be caused by an issue with the refrigerant system and a technician may be required.

Check that the condenser (Coiled piping and wiring next to the condenser fan, in rear compartment) hasn't blocked up with dust and debris. Cleaning this component periodically is very important, as a contaminated condenser can cause the compressor to overheat, and the unit will not cool efficiently.

Unit is noisier than usual-


Try to determine the noise location in the unit-

1. Inner fan? - Inner fans can develop noise faults in several ways.
   a) The Fan bearing has failed, this will make a very loud noise, and will require replacing the fan.
  b) The unit has iced buildup on the evaporator, the inner fan blades can contact this ice, which will eventually damage/stop the fan and cause it to fail.
   c) Componentry may have come loose near the fan, i.e. loose mounting screws or an unsecured wire has made its way into the path of the fan blade.

2. Compressor?
 a) The compressor is the main working motor of the unit and will cycle on and off around 6-8 times an hour. If it is uneven, it could make a noise during running or during startup/shutdown. Check the compressor mounting bolts are tight and the fridge is level.

3. Rattle/Vibration?

a) Fridge piping has liquid and gas circulating through it constantly, if the piping is close to another part of the fridge, it may cause a vibration noise if it comes into contact with this part.
Controller Operations


Temperature control can be adjusted if needed. Press ‘Light’ Switch once to turn the light on/off. Press and hold ‘Light’ button for 10seconds to enter temperature adjustment mode, the range is -1°C > 5°C, simply press to change and it will go back to normal display. Units are pre-set so you don’t have to worry about temperature, the milk will be under 4°C.


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