• Model: JC95


Unit has stopped cooling or is not cooling enough

-Check ventilation around the fridge. You need 10mm at sides and top with 50mm at the rear. 

-The unit cannot have another ‘door’ in front of the fridge door, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty

-The unit must be 100% away from sunlight and out of the weather, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty

 -Check compressor definitely comes ON

 -Check inner fan is going and that there is NO ice build up on the inner rear wall

Check if you can feel a slight breeze coming out of grill at the front when the compressor is on.

Check the temperature that you have the fridge set on.  If the fridge is set on 2, it will cycle between 2 - 6 and keep your drinks around 4 degrees Celcius.

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