• Model: HUS-SC50LSS


My Door sticks when I try to close it?

Over time the unit's door may drop at one corner, which can cause it to contact the lock plate beneath the door. The doors have a top and bottom hinge, both are capable of slight adjustments to re-align the door, or simply apply mild force on the door locking plate downwards to allow the door to close.

 LED Light Is Not Working?

1. Check switch is set to the 'on' position.

2. Check connection to LED light is secure-remove light from roof cavity by prying downwards.

Inner Rear wall is icing up?

1. Inner fan has failed.

2. High ambient humidity can cause excess ice and then create excess water in the drip tray to evaporate.

3. Small gas leak, this may show up as a lot of ice at one corner of the cold plate inside the fridge.

4. Thermostat is set too high, and unit is getting minimal usage, defrost fridge overnight and set temperature lower.

Unit has become noisy?

1. Check inner fan, a worn or failed fan bearing can cause excessive noise.

2. Check compressor mounting bolts are secure and compressor is level.
Internal buzzing, clunking or squealing sounds will indicate a worn/failing compressor.

Unit has stopped cooling or is not cooling enough?

1. Check ventilation around the fridge. Ensure a minimum of 20mm clearance at sides and top with 100mm clearance at the rear. 

2. The unit cannot have another ‘door’ in front of the fridge door, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty.

3. The unit must be completely protected from sunlight and weather, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty.

 4. Check compressor engages and runs quietly.

 5. Check thermostat setting, higher numbers are colder settings.

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