• Model: EC98-SSH

Door sticks when i try to close it


A common problem with easy fix, over time your down may drop at one corner a little, it then can hit on the lock plate underneath unit, stopping door closing. The doors have a top and bottom hinge, both are adjustable, so you can play with the door to get it to allign again, or simply force (bend) the door locking plate a 'little' downwards to allow door to close.

I can hear a 'gurgling' sound, like water running


This is gas running through piping and is normal operation, gas turns from water to gas during the refrigeration process.

Inner Led Light Has Failed


The inner Led should be on if switched on (switch is at rear near thermostat dial), if this isn't coming on you need new Led. This is a perishable part not covered under warranty.

LED, part number EC98-Inner-LED, price $29.00, please fill out below to start process.

The Blue Schmick logo isn't working


There are a few reasons for this.

1. The Transformer that runs the blue light up logo has failed. Part number is EC98SSH-Transformer, $29.00

2. The door logo light connects in 'under the top hinge', if you can gently remove the top hinge you can check that the connection (wires) hasn't come loose, **Ensure unit is OFF of course.


The rear wall (cold plate) inside is icing up


This can happen if;
1. High humidity in the air can cause excess ice on rear cold plate inside fridge, and this also means more water in the self evaporating drip tray under unit to dispurse. So at times you may have water form under unit where tray has over flowed.
2. Unit could have small gas leak, this may show a lot of ice at one corner of the 'cold plate' on inner rear wall of fridge
*If continues after defrosting unit then contact us below.
3. Unit door is not sealing properly, check no big gaps are showing (small gaps are fine)

Unit has stopped cooling or is not cooling enough


-Check ventilation around the fridge. You need approximately 20mm at sides and top with 100mm at the rear. 

-The unit cannot have another ‘door’ in front of the fridge door, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty

-The unit must be 100% away from sunlight and out of the weather, this is incorrect installation and voids warranty

 -Check compressor definitely comes ON

-Check what temperature the fridge is set on.  5 is the coldest.

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